For Authors

Cappelen Damm Akademisk offers Open Access publishing of scholarly monographs, anthologies, journals and other works on NOASP. We take care of the peer-review process, editorial follow-up, publication and marketing.

As an accredited “Level 1” publisher in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers, Open Access books published with us therefore yield publication points in the Norwegian documentation system for research funding (also known as the “tellekantsystem”).

Publication on NOASP will serve as a guarantee that the publications have been subject to peer review and fulfill the strict requirements for scholarly publication.

Editorial support

In practical terms, a monograph’s author or anthology’s editors will work closely with a responsible editor at NOASP on all stages of the project, from proposal to published book, including:

  • Contracts and agreements; fees and funding
  • Choosing the right license and other copyright matters
  • The peer-review process
  • Revision, copyediting and production-ready manuscripts
  • Proofreading and arriving at publication-ready files
  • Printed copies, or print-on-demand
  • Marketing strategies and optimizing reach

See additional information about editorial and publishing practices for books and journals:

Publish with us

If you believe your research project is suitable for publication in an Open Access format, send an inquiry either to NOASP or contact one of us directly. We will be happy to discuss it with you!