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MusPed:Research is a peer-reviewed series of scholarly publications within the field of music pedagogy. The series stems from the cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional research network Musikkpedagogikk i utvikling (MiU) [Music Pedagogy in Development] – established by NTNU Department of Teacher Education, NTNU Department of Music, Nord University, and Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education – and is published by Cappelen Damm Akademisk/NOASP. The series offers anthologies and monographs, all published Open Access, the first was released in October, 2020. Click here to see all coming titles. 

MusPed:Research publishes research on topics within music pedagogy. In particular, specific music pedagogical topics and questions will be considered, as well as topics in the intersection between disciplines, subject areas and research areas that are usually kept apart in educational and research contexts, yet are intertwined elements in music educational practices in schools, higher education and society at large. The series aims to contribute to new knowledge across alignments and traditions, and to inspire dialogue between researchers and educators from different cultures within the broad landscape of music education.

MusPed:Research has an open submission policy and welcomes ideas for scholarly anthologies and monographs on music pedagogical issues. Proposals will be assessed by the series’ Editorial Advisory Board, and one of the Board’s members can be asked to act as co-editor on accepted publications. All publications will be subject to double blind peer review. For further practical information, please see the series’ Requirements and Standards for Project Descriptions and Manuscript Preparation.

All publications in the MusPed:Research series are published with the CC BY licence. 



Elin Angelo, Professor, Ph.D., NTNU, Department of Teacher Education

Editorial Advisory Board:

Jens Knigge, Professor of Music Education, Ph.D., Nord University
Morten Sæther, Professor of Music Education, Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education
Wenche Waagen, Associate Professor of Music Education, NTNU, Department of Music


The series is published by NOASP, Cappelen Damm Akademisk. All content is published Open Access.

Submission and evaluation

The series is open to all submissions of proposals and completed manuscripts.

Proposals should be sent at an early stage in the writing process, via email to the editor, with a project description as an attachment. If the project description is accepted, the manuscript, when completed, should be sent via email to the editor.

MusPed:Research practices ‘double-blind’ peer review, where neither referees nor authors are informed of one another’s identities. Prior to submission to the peer-review process, manuscripts are evaluated by the editor and advisory board, and once the peer-review process is concluded, the final decision regarding publication rests with the responsible editor.

The series publishes manuscripts in the Scandinavian languages and English. Anthologies comprised of articles in different languages are permitted. All manuscript submissions must be prepared in accordance with the standards set forth in the series’ Author Guidelines.

As an author in MusPed:Research you retain the copyright and full publishing rights for your article.



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