Moving English Language Teaching Forward: Festschrift to Ragnhild Elisabeth Lund

Volume editor:
Magne Dypedahl
Chapter authors:
Magne Dypedahl, Janice Bland, Cecilie Waallann Brown, Tony Burner, Michael Byram, Christian Carlsen, Mona E. Flognfeldt, Jena Habegger-Conti, Vilde Smeby Hammershaug, Sissil Lea Heggernes, Hild Elisabeth Hoff, Sara Barosen Liverød, Catharine Veronica Perez Meissner, Juliet Munden, Gro-Anita Myklevold, Asli Lidice Göktürk Saglam, Delia Schipor, Heike Speitz


The title of this Festschrift, Moving English Language Teaching Forward, is a tribute to Ragnhild E. Lund’s lifelong devotion to English language pedagogy and teaching. She is – in the words of Juliet Munden – “a Dame of English didactics”. Ragnhild would be the first one to share such praise with colleagues. All the authors of this book have in some way or other moved English language pedagogy forward together with Ragnhild, for example as co-writers, fellow doctoral committee members, colleagues at the University of South-Eastern Norway, or just good colleagues sharing the same commitment to English language pedagogy.

As a researcher, Ragnhild is best known for her work in the field of intercultural competence, which made her one of the original members of the international Cultnet group. The initiative for this group was taken by Michael Byram, arguably the most influential theorist of intercultural competence development in the world. In this anthology, he writes about the first meeting of the Cultnet group in 1997 and charts some of the changes that have happened in “the cultural dimension” of language teaching since then.


Author Biographies

Magne Dypedahl

Magne Dypedahl is Associate Professor of English at the University of South-Eastern Norway, where he teaches English language pedagogy and American Studies. Dypedahl’s research focuses on intercultural competence and American presidential rhetoric. He has co-edited many anthologies in the field of language pedagogy and co-authored many textbooks on the English language and English as a foreign language for upper secondary school and higher education.

Janice Bland

Janice Bland is Professor of English Education, Nord University. She focuses on English language and literature pedagogy and her research interests are concerned with creativity in ELT with elementary and secondary school children: creative writing, children’s literature from picturebooks to young adult fiction, visual and critical literacy, global issues, interculturality and drama methodology. Professor Bland leads the Nord Research Group for Children’s Literature in ELT and is editor-in-chief of the diamond open-access journal Children’s Literature in English Language Education (CLELEjournal).

Cecilie Waallann Brown

Cecilie Waallann Brown is Associate Professor of ELT methodology at the Department of Education and Sports Science, University of Stavanger, where she is teaching pre- and in-service teacher education courses on literature and culture, and linguistics. Brown has recently defended her PhD thesis titled “Critical visual literacy and intercultural learning in English foreign language classrooms: An exploratory case study”.

Tony Burner

Tony Burner is a professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Sciences, Department of Languages and Literature Studies. He has experience from teaching in secondary schools in addition to teacher education. His PhD focused on formative assessment of writing in English as a foreign language. He has written several articles and book chapters about assessment, school development, teacher professional development, supervision, diversity, and multilingualism, and given invited talks in Japan, Australia, Finland and the USA.

Michael Byram

Michael Byram has been Professor Emeritus since October 2008. Byram began his professional life as a teacher of foreign languages in secondary education in England, complemented by work in adult education. He then moved to the University of Durham to the School of Education, where he worked for almost 30 years, first in initial teacher education and then increasingly in doctoral education. From the 1990s until recently, Byram was adviser and expert at the Council of Europe in language policy and intercultural and democratic citizenship.

Christian Carlsen

Christian Carlsen is Associate Professor of English at the University of South-Eastern Norway, where he teaches English language, language pedagogy, and Old Norse literature. Carlsen’s research focuses on multilingualism, literature in language teaching, and literary history. He has co-edited anthologies in the field of language teaching and co-authored English textbooks for lower secondary school.

Mona E. Flognfeldt

Mona Evelyn Flognfeldt is Associate Professor of English language and language pedagogy at the Faculty of Education and International Studies at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on the teaching of English in multilingual primary classrooms, teacher cognition, sustainable vocabulary development, and English as a lingua franca (ELF).

Jena Habegger-Conti

Jena Habegger-Conti is Associate Professor of English at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences where she teaches and researches in intercultural education and multimodal literacy. Her most recent publication is “‘Where am I in the text?’ Using positioning in refugee comics for intercultural education” (2021).

Vilde Smeby Hammershaug

Vilde Smeby Hammershaug has a Master of Arts in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education from Oslo Metropolitan University. Her main research interest is self-regulated learning and learning strategies. In 2021 she delivered her MA thesis, which presents a qualitative study on language learning strategies, based on perspectives from the national curriculum and lower-secondary teachers’ beliefs and experiences. 

Sissil Lea Heggernes

Sissil Lea Heggernes is an associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, where she teaches literature and culture. Her PhD study from 2021 explores how interaction with texts can foster English language students’ intercultural learning, with a particular focus on the role of picturebooks. She is currently involved in a project on how engagement with picturebooks and news reports can foster critical thinking in young learners. She has also published work on intercultural learning and the role of intercultural communicative competence (ICC) in the Norwegian English language curriculum.

Hild Elisabeth Hoff

Hild Elisabeth Hoff is Associate Professor of English didactics at the University of Bergen (Norway), where she teaches and supervises student teachers of English. Hoff’s research focuses on the intercultural dimension of language teaching and learning, and her work on intercultural competence and literature studies has been published internationally.

Sara Barosen Liverød

Sara Barosen Liverød is Assistant Professor of English at the University of South-Eastern Norway, where she teaches literature in English, English grammar, and English didactics. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Roehampton University in London, England, and her Master of Arts from the University of Tromsø, Norway. Her main research interests are the use of literature and video games in second language acquisition, the latter stemming from more than 20 years of gaming experience.

Catharine Veronica Perez Meissner

Catharine Veronica Perez Meissner is Assistant Professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has taught at and worked with teachers in secondary schools in Norway, and she currently teaches English didactics to student and in-service teachers. Her research interests lie in the field of English didactics and literacy, particularly in the assessment of writing. 

Juliet Munden

Juliet Munden is docent emeritus at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has taught English at secondary schools in Norway and Kenya, and worked with teacher education in Norway, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Eritrea and Zambia. She is the author of workbooks, a textbook series for English learners in primary school, and three professional textbooks in English didactics for teacher education. Her PhD and research publications have focused on reading didactics and on curriculum development in a national and comparative perspective.

Gro-Anita Myklevold

Gro-Anita Myklevold is currently a PhD student at the University of South-Eastern Norway. In her PhD project she investigates how the multilingual turn can be operationalized in language classrooms at the upper secondary school level in Norway, and how multilingualism as a phenomenon is perceived by students, teachers and teacher educators. In addition to multilingualism, her main research interests are English teaching and learning in general, and metafiction and metacognition in particular.

Asli Lidice Göktürk Saglam

Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Languages and Literature Studies at the University of South-Eastern Norway. Her post-doc project focuses on research literacy in pre-service teacher education in the Norwegian higher education context. Her other research interests cover language assessment and use of educational technology.  

Delia Schipor

Delia Schipor is Associate Professor of English at the University of South-Eastern Norway, where she teaches English grammar, English didactics, and Multilingualism and culture. She has a doctoral degree on historical multilingualism from the University of Stavanger, and her current publications are focused on English didactics and the history of English. Her research interests include multilingualism, critical visual literacy, and national subject curriculum implementation.

Heike Speitz

Heike Speitz has been a professor of language education at the University of South-Eastern Norway since 2015. She has long experience from teaching and research at college and university level in several countries, and from teaching languages in upper-secondary schools in Norway. National and international research and development projects focus on curriculum development and language policies, an earlier start to foreign languages in school, and pluri-/multilingualism in languages education.

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June 9, 2022


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